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Sun, Aug 27, 2017
We have become completely dependent on technology today We can't seem to survive now-a-days without our cell phones. While they are useful tools at times, we can certainly misuse them and lose our focus on God. We need to keep God in our focus, along with all the elements of our digital life.
Sun, Jul 23, 2017
It is not usual for people to see God as a reflection of their earthly father. This can lead them to have misconception about how God will treat them, especially if their father was not around or mistreated them. For everyone though, God is not a better version of our fathers, he is the perfect version.
Sun, May 14, 2017
Series: FAQ
I already have my own relationship with God. Why would I need to go to church. Church is not a building or a structure, but anywhere the family of God meets to worship and praise him. Church is where we get encouragement and our faith built up. The world can tempt us to take our eyes of Jesus. Church helps to re-fix them on the author and perfecter of our faith.
Sun, May 07, 2017
God has setup an incredible banquet for us. Yet many people make excuses and reject what God has laid out for us. Their excuses may sound legitimate at times, but ultimately they cause them not to truly see the blessing they are being offered. Will you reject God's offer?
Sun, Mar 12, 2017
The pressure to conform is always around us. Especially when we are younger, the draw to be part of the crowd can be intense. God still calls us to stay true to our faith. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego all stayed true, even to the point being put to death, yet God saved them. Do you believe that God will save you too, if you stay true to your faith?
Sun, Jan 29, 2017
We can sometimes feel stuck in a rut, doing the same old thing again and again. To be rejuvenated, we need to try something new at times. God creates us new when we surrender our lives to him.
Sun, Dec 04, 2016
Supervisors often micromanage, but Jesus is all about calling people to follow his example. He wants us to want to follow him. With that, he is able to use us to reproduce the love he showed his people. His goal was to help people understand the power of his truth and we can change the world through sharing our faith with others
Sun, Sep 25, 2016
Anger is something every experiences from time to time. For many, it can control their actions and lead to all sorts of problems. Anger is often a result of insecurity, pride, fear, or many other feelings. Anger itself is not bad, but its how we react in this anger that can lead us to sin. We need to keep our anger in check and ensure it is only for righteous reasons.
Sun, Aug 07, 2016
Several teens shared about their experience at Teen Camp and how it impacted their lives. Dustin ends everything with a short lesson about David and Goliath, playing off the camp theme of Impossible and how, what seems impossible to us, is completely possible with God.
Sun, Jul 03, 2016
God has gone by many names throughout the years. Jehovah is one that many know him by. Jehovah Shalom means the Lord is Peace. True peace can only be experienced when we truly commit our lives to his plan for our lives.