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Sun, Aug 04, 2019
Our new identity in Christ has ramifications in how we live and who we are as a group. Together, we become a world-changing community of love. The power of unity and diversity is harnessed as we each play our part in God’s work here in our city.
Wed, Dec 06, 2017
God calls us to be stewards of our lives and his kingdom. Stewardship comes from both faith in God's plan and his practical purpose for us here on earth. The scriptures help us to understand and have faith in God's plan for being stewards of his kingdom, as well as it lays out a set of practical applications on how we maintain this. One of those areas is related to our finances and giving back to His Church, which is the topic of this midweek lesson. Andy Winje outlines how we practically implement this plan in respects to our budge and Steve Morici shows us the heart we need to have behind our giving and how God will always honor it.