HI volunteers! We have been asked to participate in an initiative with the Metro Region on a Community Baby Shower to benefit Newborns and Toddlers awaiting Foster/Adoption. Dr Heger, Founder and CEO of the VIOLENCE INTERVENTION PROGRAM created the VIP Baby and Toddler Resource Shelter to care for newborns and toddlers as they await placement with a foster family.

The ask is for ladies to stop by the event, which is Saturday, May 6 from 2pm to 4pm at the Metro Building on Crenshaw. Please send this flyer to friends and neighbors and bring a gift. Desserts are also needed for the shower. Please contact Mary Atkins 775-544-5832 if you can attend or have any questions. PLEASE support this very worthwhile event and let's make it a great success! Again, a GREAT event to invite women you know and who would be interested in helping out!!!

Thank you!