Whether you consider yourself a Boomer or Gen Xer, you probably spent many an hour during your formative years in front of the small screen watching any number of television sitcom families—everyone from the Cunninghams and Huxtables to the Flintstones and Conners undoubtedly paid you a visit each week. You may have even watched the lives of some of these TV families unfold with your own real-life family right beside you—complete with TV dinners and collapsible dinner trays. You might have even gone so far as to relate some of your family’s strengths and even a few of its peccadilloes with some of these fictional households.

Maybe your notion of the typical Christian married couple is more a transference of your perceived perfect TV couple like Howard and Marion Cunningham or Ward and June Cleaver, but the South Bay Church come in all stripes. Regardless of where you may feel you’re at as a married or single person, there are people in our fellowship who can relate to you or your spouse and have a Biblical-based message that can help give you the guidance it needs.

The South Bay Church has neighborhood-based small groups so that you or your family can feel like part of a community in an increasingly cold world. We provide counseling, workshops, classes and special retreats for married folks, singles, college students, and teens. Come and join us in this grand adventure called life. God has a plan for you and our aim is to help you realize your full God-given potential. For more information about a small group near you, please feel free to contact us.